We Are The Fighters EP

by Behind The Façade

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released March 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Behind The Façade Queens, New York

Behind The Façade is a female-fronted, alternative/pop-punk/rock band from the inner boroughs of New York City. They self- released their debut full-length in March 2016. BTF is featured in Alternative Press's March 2014 issue, in the AP&R section, in their "100 bands you need to know" March 2015 issue and noted as 1 of 10 bands keeping Long Island pop-punk alive. ... more


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Track Name: We Are The Fighters
Oh, I will make sure you get back every cent you spent
And I will make sure you don’t wake up a sleeping wreck
‘cause I’ve seen you at your worst and I’ve seen you at your best
and I will make sure that we make it through again

‘Cause I am head strong
And I am soul strong
Strings break my skin strong
Yes, we are both strong

We are the fighters
We are the warriors
And we will hold our own as long as we stay strong
We are the sane ones
We are the brave ones
And we will come out strong as long as we hold on

I know the obstacles that make you break your back
but they can’t help it, it’s no full frontal attack
'Cause they’re always at their worst
And they’re never at their best
But we can make it so they seem just like the rest

'Cause we are head strong
And we are soul strong
Strings break my skin strong
Yes, we are both strong

We are the fighters
We are the warriors
And we will hold our own as long as we stay strong
We are the fighters
We are the warriors
And we will come out strong as long as we hold on
Track Name: The Arabian Song
Inspired but so tired
Of trying but still fighting to make it
Don’t doubt me
I know where my place is
Here with the heroes, the writers
Impatience, it takes me

I can’t be falling down but so free
Getting lost in the crowd
I’m going down, down, down, down
Craving peace of mind here
Shoving at the same time
Jumping to the drum beat
I’m going down, down, down, down

Forgotten but still craving attention
And not willing to lessen myself
‘Cause all that is left is to get there and stay there
To smile but impatience, it takes me

[Chorus] x2
Track Name: All The Nights
Crash and burn on the kitchen floor
What are you good for?
Save your body, save yourself
You’re worth so much more
Throw those sins into the trash
‘Cause they will kill you
Stress is gone, then so are you
What will your kids do?

Yea, I know that you’re trying to change
But it’s not working
But when it does
I’ll be there
We all will
All the nights that you failed to pray
Well there’s a reason
I hope you know
I’ll be there
We all will

Party hard just to forget
What is it good for?
People that you never met
Breaking down the door
Finding love won’t pay your rent
How will you manage?
Pass another cigarette
Waste just to salvage


[Bridge] x2
Time to go to sleep now
If you wake tomorrow
I hope that you know
You’re in luck, you’re in luck, you’re in luck

Track Name: Embrace The Revolution
The machine is taking over the world and we sit idly
Watching as they take our kids and they fight to the death
Before our eyes, they cry but try to stay strong for their loved ones
But it’s hard when you forget just who you are
Just wipe those tears from your eyes
And remember what you’re fighting for
The crowd it roars as they are charmed
By the innocence, by the innocence

Embrace the revolution
A fight worth dying for
A resolution
To end the inequality between the people and me
Against the machine

The machine has taken over the world
But we won’t give up, won’t give in
We’ll stand here void of sound as we watch our kids make a stand
What a crime, the notion that a fight can even last
Gotta stop this fast, before the city crashes
A laugh is forming
As the people are conforming to the idea of change
We are embracing a new revolution

Track Name: Left Out On My Sleeve
So you found my words scribbled out, sprawled out on a page
They’re about you but I’ll swear they’re not
‘Cause it hurts you to know that you broke the unbreakable
I was broken, left unspoken
You just faked it, left me naked

You must be special

I wouldn’t have believed it if I looked back a couple of months ago
I found soul
I found my rock and roll
But it’s hard being vulnerable

So you found my heart worn out, left out on my sleeve
I’m surprised that it got some use at all
‘cause I find that I avoid what can cause my fall
but I risked it, let my fist down
you embraced it, it was worth it

I let my guard down


I swear to god if I could just leave this all behind
But the thought of you in more pain isn't what I've had in mind
I want to believe that this isn't everything you've felt inside
I tried
Broken, I hold you together
I want to stay here forever
Silence your heartache

I try to occupy what’s left when day resides
I think I write because it’s all I got inside
I find that it’s hard to get sleep at night
But I take it ‘cause I know that when I wake you’ll be beside me.