Strangers EP

by Behind The Façade

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released October 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Behind The Façade Queens, New York

Behind The Façade is a female-fronted, alternative/pop-punk/rock band from the inner boroughs of New York City. They self- released their debut full-length in March 2016. BTF is featured in Alternative Press's March 2014 issue, in the AP&R section, in their "100 bands you need to know" March 2015 issue and noted as 1 of 10 bands keeping Long Island pop-punk alive. ... more


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Track Name: Blue Waves
Baby, you should know that
I could wear your heart on my sleeve (whoa-oh)
The one that never let you sleep
I admit, my hands were shaky
But everyone says, it looks so good on me
You have no use (whoa-oh)
For it anymore
and you owed me a gift so now we’re even
I can go on breathing
Who do you think you are
Those blue waves look so far
Run all you want
You know you can’t leave, dear
If we both drown here

You really think that you know me
You don’t even know me at all
I don’t even think that you could tell me
The color of my hair
Even though it’s always changing
Well, everything is always changing
And lately

These lights they blind us
Answers they find us
Searching the world from warehouse to loft
From Brooklyn to queens
Undone at the seams
Set us on fire
Start it all over
A cycle so vicious
Adults so suspicious
From a long distance, blue waves will kill us
We’ll just run and run and run

Doesn’t that sound fun
Just running away from all your problems
Doesn’t that sound fun
Just a punch to your chest
But that would just hurt my sleeve
‘cause the look in your eyes
It reflects into mine
The sound’s drowned out by blue waves
The sound’s drowned out by blue waves

How many times do I have to tell you
It was just one reckless night
Well, how many times do I have to fight you
Just let me not be right tonight
Just let me not be right
Track Name: The Pessimist In Me
The core is breaking apart
This tower’s falling to pieces
My mind’s just a mess
Oh, my stomach’s uneasy
I love you, you love me too
But not for too long, this’ll go all wrong soon
Maybe it’s my fault
That’s it, I guess I’m too far gone

I’m an optimist fending to be
But the pessimist in me is all that I can see
A stranger sees goodness in me
But the people I love don’t, who do I believe?
Everyone let’s me down (Everyone let’s me down!)

I feel passion, I feel pain
It’s all the same, it’s all the same
I see desire
No, I see a fire
Burning at all that I am
We can just start fresh
But thoughts of the past will always dance in their heads
They’ll always dance in our heads
Don’t you see?
It’s too late to be happy
So we’ll just be what we can be


This should be easy
We shouldn’t be fighting
Don’t you know it’s us against the world?
Well I was on your side
Every single time
But for you to me, it’s just a flip of a dime
You’ll always let me down (You’ll always let me down!)
Everyone let’s me down (Everyone let’s me down!)

Now I’m a pessimist sending
A message to my friends
That everything good ends
That everything good ends [x2]

Track Name: Buried In The Wrong Grave
Man up, coward
Tell me all your lies
Stand up tall now
Look me in the eye
I’m so far now but you still find a way
To push me so hard, I fall in your grave
(There’s nothing left to save)

You’ve been digging with your hands
They’re black from shame and you can’t scrub ‘em clean

We repeat goodbye a hundred times
Then say hello with our lips to strangers who are lovers
Who we, we really try to love
But it’s just not enough
They’ll never measure up
Never measure up

You look happy and if you’re really not
Well, you sure fooled the world
Oh, if I lied as good as you
I’d be smiling too

You’ve been spinning webs of lies
You built a wall, now you can’t feel at all


We repeat goodbye
Strangers who are lovers
We really try to love
It’s just not enough
We repeat goodbye